Much more than a typical martial art system, American Kenpo uses real-world situations to prepare you in case you ever need to use what is learned. It’s self defense for what you’re likely to encounter.

American Kenpo is not pretty, flashy or impractical. It is designed to get you out of trouble and back home safely - I cannot say as much for those who attack you.

In the studio, we do solid body work and sparring to prepare ourselves. We work hard, we train hard and we fight hard.

Because Kenpo relies on speed and brutaly striking vital targets instead of physical strength, it is extremely effective and can be performed by someone of any body type or experience.

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get tough.

Instructors challenge students with bodywork, sparring situational awareness discussions and more.

Get Tough

get fit

Stretching, cardio and strength training are done every class to get you into fighting shape so you’re prepared - just in case.

Get Fit

get ready.

Expect to be challenged, but to leave feeling stronger and more confident after every class.



Get Ready


We've teamed up with Direct Action Tactical at their facility. Top notch self defense and firearms courses under one roof. 274A Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601


Classes in Harrisburg, no better place for learning to defend yourself.

classes held at 100 North Cameron Street. Right next to Appalachian Brewing Company.